Friday, January 01, 2010

resolutions oh AARRGGHHHGHGHG !

Tis the New Year! I am a year older, my Husband is a year older {50} actually and I successfully threw him his first surprise party all 70's style..And tomorrow our daughter is a year older!!! I think the poor dog actually ages seven years.... Holiday's are behind us and now its time to unlight the Xmas tree and take down all the trimmings and put it all up in the rafters for Next Year..Which incidentally will be here before you can actually finish reading this silly post!

Do you remember how long a year felt when you were like nine years old.! Or even 15.

My daughter will turn is turning 17 in a couple of days and she tells me the other day; "mom, this totally sucks I cant even believe this year went so fast"
I recall one morning while getting her ready for daycare, she was 4, I look up at her face and she had big tears in her eyes and says to me "momma I don't want to grow up, I don't" . I will never ever forget that morning as long as I live. She was pretty keen on how life worked at a young age and I don't blame her for not wanting to grow up. That is why I don't pressure her to get a job or drive yet. we just explain to her to concentrate on her GPA for now. When we achieve graduation we will take the other steps towards the future. Our son who is 20 graduated tech school in the Air force and is stationed in Washington State. I have a blackberry phone with all the bells and whistles now and texting which I never thought I would do... HA! never say never!
Resolutions. I am filled with contempt when I think of New Years resolutions, and so I am left feeling like Andy Rooney on this one. I don't see the point...Some people say "resolutions were made to be broken" or they will say so this year I will do this and this and this and this.
What if you don't hold up to your resolutions... then don't you end up feeling like crap...... ?
My husband actually made a resolution for ME. I tried to explain, no you don't make them FOR people, its an individual thing. I hate people who tell me what my New Year resolutions SHOULD be toooooo! What is that! I feel like saying; "Hey mind your own flippin business" " Keep track of your own shortcomings pal, leave me to my own, thank you very much!!!!
I don't know it just spells disaster to me...
But in retrospect, perhaps I am a secret resolution er after all and just didn't realise it....?
I do have annual goals that I really think hard about and I do put them in list order based on attainability. But I don't do it TODAY I wait until I have a reasonable realistic list and I print it out and hang it on my studio wall. Through out the year I re-visit and if needed revise here and there THE LIST. I also cross out achieved goals as the year goes, which is extremely enjoyable!!!
So I don't think this day should indicate THE DAY for change, I think it should come when it works for the individual AND I am going to Call it Annual Gaol List....
so there...


Leslie said...

Guidelines, not Resolutions, works for me. On the years seeming to be faster, welcome to my world. Have a great and wonderful year, my dear!

wyanne said...

I totally agree with you on the resolutions. I've already had to edit mine. LOL

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi...I am just checking on you...I see you haven't blogged since the first of January..and I would just like to know you are alright. Why do I care? I don't know you? Because I do. Simple. are you? Everyone fine at your house?
Take care and let us all know you are around. :)
Not an easy thing to blog regularly, I know.. :)

謝佑芝 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................