Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morning Readings

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who is following me and for all of those lovely comments you have all made, thank you thank you thank you.

In my readings today I thought I would post what I learned and some of you may find it interesting.

Check out Asingularcreation.com this is a place where you can enter for free into various online art contests and win things. You can also vote on others you like.

Also if your a self promoter out there you may find this fantastic web site I just found Authenticpromotion.com, here she has so much good information for us to learn how to generate an income for our God given talents!

Check out ArtCalendar.com for a lot of really cool art opportunity with and with out fees also there is a studio make over you can enter into!!!

For those of you who want more information on blogging check out Problogger.com, awsome information there.

And if your not yet familiar with the Ning.com network, you simply must try it on for size. There you can join really cool groups of every nature or you can simply start your own network and promote yourself that way!!!

I will post more later, thanks everyone for your follows and comments. Please continue to do so on below post in regards to the giveaway which will end this week!!!