Thursday, July 02, 2009

"Oh NO She Did-NT"

Ah yeah she did, Ruth Pooped again and peed. I thought all our troubles were behind us when for two days she was enjoying her cat box. I was spraying her bed with calming spray to keep her high. And put some new herbal litter in there. Gave her more attention and everything. We feed them only natural food, with out all the crap in it. But when I returned home from errands- There it was!- I almost took a picture of it but thought I would spare you all. I broke down, made an apt with the vet. If they cant find anything what will I do. I don't punish her. But when I come home after she realizes I found it, she runs to the Garage...
"In Other News, Beyond the Poop"
I am doing a crafty chica Challenge to make a cool embellished tote.
Here is what I have done so far, more to go of course.

This piece will be featured in a group show at the Municipal Gallery in Escondido this Month
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Love on your family often

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A somewhat wordless Wednesday

In an effort to post more I am taking on Wordless Wednesday as a Title.
I do occasionally take photographs. This was done with a long exposure at night and no flash on the beach, no photo shop here.

Balboa Park, San Diego -Dusk

Happy Accident (light photography)

Feeling really excited.

I got my Studio back!!! I finally finished re-organizing it and OMG I am so happy right now!! But I am doomed to give the dog a bath and a groom today so I wont be creating what I really want.
But I will make a list of things I want to do.
I should make something patriotic but I don't get too excited about red White and blue together for some reason. :-(

  • I have lost 13 pounds so far on WW-and I haven't really gone gang busters yet!
  • God blessed us in strange and amazing miraculous ways this month, we can actually pay our bills!
  • My husbands heart is soft and he is a love
  • My friend brought me back a 12" clay skeleton (Catarina) from Mexico when she went on her Cruz!!!
  • My Spirituality is growing
  • I feel blessed

Monday, June 29, 2009

Is she peeing for a reason?

Kitty Cat Issues

I honestly dont know what to do ....... We have had Ruth for 4 years and suddenly she is peeing in the hallway and the corner of the kitchen AND much to our Horror she also occasionally pees on the counter next to the coffee pot.... EEEEEEWWW freekin gross out. My husband is ready to drop kick her to the pound but I cant do it. We have an older male cat who is also fixed his name is ollie. We love our animals but keep a clean house free of stink and fur so this is really yucky.

He doesn't seem to have this issue...It has been pin pointed to Ruthie. There are many many cats in our neighborhood now over the last year but my cats are indoor cats. We also have a doggy , Mickey and he is fixed too.

Anyway its like Ruthie is the local Graffiti Artist of the house. Thank Goodness we have wooden floors but still it is sooooo gross. She even poops occasionally in the hallway. The only saving grace there is that Consistancy of her Duky is that of little dry tirdlets, *relief*. But still I never catch her in the act. Although I have taken to realise that when she starts ripping around the house meowing and playing with her toys and hollering down the hallway -shortly there after she does her tagging!!! we have two large cat boxes in the Garage like always, no hoods. Keep them cleaned out. I have used the expensive spray to help detour behavior but to no avail. There have been no major changes in our house hold and this has been going on for at least 5 months. AAAHHHHGG don't know what to do...I guess I will try new cat boxes-no hoods I hear they don't care for them much...

Manic Monday

Pinata Ink and Sharpee's
Last Friday I had the chance to play around with a random idea and dig in with my daughter and her friend. It was nice to just be with her and be free and create. That doesn't happen as much as it used to now that she is 16 and way into her world.
We took old plan pillow cases and rubbing alcohol and sharpee pens and just doodled it creates a fan effect with the pigment.

I worked on a huge T-shirt that my husband got for free and gave to me for the house. No particular idea just playing here.

My Friend Marie over at the turned me on to Pinata inks. They are pretty cool. You can use them on metal and fabric and clay. I tried them out and they are extremely vibrant. If you would like more information on them please go check out her store. They sell all sorts of really cool supplies.