Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pandora has purple hair!!!

Much to my husbands chagrin I did put purple in my hair! He actually said "why cant you just be normal". I'm like ah, yeah dude did you completely forget that you married an artist-ah HELLO!!! And look at my lovely daughter, isn't she a pretty girl all of 16. This weekend I got a video camera so I will learn how to use it this month and post my very first tutorial on YouTube!!! My son to ship out to the Air force in July, I couldn't resist putting his face up here too. He is 20. So here is the biggy-AHHHH . I joined Weight Watchers last week and I am excited but also overwhelmed at this time. I don't know what my target goal is yet but I know I need to get rid of a lot of extra poundage for sure..I am fixin to portion out food for the week here in a jiffy and then make it so that it will be easy to choose what to eat. And I have a goal of exercising twice this week at a minimum. I do work two part time jobs and do the art full time so I need to make it as easy for myself as possible. This is a personal goal for 2009 to be healthy again. I know I am a little tardy on getting started but that's not the point anymore. So I need your support, your prayers your experiences... I will take it all in. The other goal for this week is to get movin on some art. I think I will make some paper dolls out of cereal boxes. Always trying to up cycle. I have been asked to teach some art classes at the local Gallery, so I need to get that organised and worked out. I will post some updates and photo's on that progress as the week goes on. My husband turned me on to this awesome no commercial Internet radio, you can totally customize it to your liking. You gotta check it out. It is the end of this current giveaway but I will have more and let you all know when I do. I just want to thank all of you lovey's for the follow and all the wonderful comments. Please go visit each other, everyone is so fantastic and talented!!! So the winners of the skullies are: I put the names in a hat and my husband pulled them out. So thanks for everyone taking the time to link my blog and comment on global warming.. I appreciate you.
#1- Marie
#4-Jan -
Keep reducing your carbon footprint everyone, God gave us this wonderful planet it is our job to keep it, not destroy it... Happy creatives to everyone and be sure to love on your family a lot!!! giving away 50 personalised invitations