Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Traveling Paper Doll

Some of you might be Familiar with the Ning Network. I am a member of like, I don't know it feels like a Million different Nings. One of them is http://papercatdesigns.ning.com/ so the creator who is so very talented; Kitty Kellie. She then started the "paper" Art Doll Symposium (TADS). Defying tradition with fanciful paper art doll creations. I joined that and finally got my chance to participate in the fun. So below are some photo's of what my version is and our journey together!!! When you get a chance check out the link it is a really nice place to meet lovely creators.

Of course we had to make our way to Mexico for some margarita's and shopping. She ended up buying a lovely Chica dress that she wore later that evening when I took her out to some Artist receptions. Next day we went on a few nature hikes and took in some wonderful photo opts. Looking forward to our next visit together !!!!

I know I know, others are so dainty and pretty and here I come bold and big... But that's how I roll!