Saturday, July 11, 2009

who doesnt need boob cream, SERIOSLY !

so go check out Pen, she is cute and cool. Has a neat giveaway of three items and one of them is for the girls!! (if you know what I mean)
Having a send off for my son today, he will be going into the Air force this month.
Kitty has not had any accidents lately.
I seem to be still loosing weight so that is cool.
Love on your family OFTEN!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mail Art

So like some of you out there, I am a member of like 20 bazillion Nings. One of them is the - translation; international Union of Mail Artists. I didn't really know what I was doing when I accepted that invitation but so far it has been kinda nice. I went so bold as to post my mailing address. I know, I know. Some of you are thinking "you freekin idiot",Right.. Well I kinda agree but so far I just keep getting these really cool care packages every so often and I love it. I am usually really cautious about this, I should probably change it then they can email me... I am from the old school and I love writing letters so this really brings me back. So I finally made some art to send back to them. Some of them get a postcard but some will get more because of their generosity!!!

I started with these little wooden thingy's I got at the dollar store.

By the way if anyone has any stuff out there that they are going to toss or give to the thrift store, STOP,wait send it to me. I will repay the postage AND make you some art. That is what inspired me to create.

Love on your family


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

He died today

somewhat wordless Wednesday
I got the news today from my mother that a friend who I have known for 37 years died from a rare muscle cancer. He has been fighting for sometime now. His mother is also fighting cancer right now. Our Mothers were the best of friends when we were children. We lived in the same Apartment house in Hollywood. Our Mom's were hippies and single. We were the same age and so were they. After time went by, we went our separate ways to then hook up again in Ojai California. Their the moms would go on road trips and (myfriend) and I would huddle in the very very back of the Volkswagen bug and play with our toys. We would make faces at the people behind us as our moms would blast the radio to the hip tunes of the 70's. (myfriend) and I explored the outdoors together and spent many hours in the evenings locked up in his bedroom as they would put us to bed early while they would party. We would play house, tell stories play with flashlights. There are pictures of us making highways in the sand at the beach and goofing off. I peed my pants many a times because I was cracking up while playing with (myfriend). (myfriend) graduated from college and was an engineer, then married. We did not stay in touch over time but I did see his mom off and on as did my Mother.(Myfriend) and his mom became estranged for about five years. (myfriend and I where raised with out our Dads, although people came in and out of mine, (myfriend) had a man in his life who was like a Father to him. I saw (myfriend) when my daughter was about seven years old so that was about 10 years ago. We kept in touch a bit but when he and his Mother stopped talking he stopped talking to me as well. I will always remember (myfriend) he remains a huge link to my childhood.
In every aspect of my life, Father, let me place my hope and my trust in Your infinite wisdom and Your boundless grace. Amen
aI will make an art quilt from an old photo of myfriend and I for his mother