Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dia De Los Muertos!!!

So its summer and day of the dead gets into full swing. I usually do about 5-6 art contests and several projects this time of year.. I am also for the first time entering into a Frida contest!!! Yay!

This year I want to make a Calavera doll and a Frida doll and a big shrine!
So this Friday night I will make my paper doll. I will post my results.
Saturday is my weigh in at WW then I will exercise. Saturday afternoon I am going to visit cow parade in La Jolla, I will post photo's of that. Saturday night I will start some projects. Sunday I work, Sunday night I will start my projects. I will post the progress. !
Love on your family often.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Blue's

I don't usually experience this but ......
the blues set in this last week-ish. Emotional and stressful it felt. This weekend I finally finished my invitation orders for the family so I do feel pretty good about that but last week, I dunno..

I did take a very long nature walk with a cool friend on Monday and that helped.
Tuesday came around and it was back to work as usual, then something silly happened at work which brought my mood down and confused me. Wednesday I had planned another long nature walk after job number one, but job number two called me in. So no seriously needed nature walk for me. Wednesday was here and Hubby is having problems at work with his boss so that was a stressor and Thursday was my weight watchers meeting and I gained two pounds!!! I thought I was doing everything right... But I did start my period so perhaps that was it, you know retention... My night sweats from Peri menopause have been kicked into high gear lately and so very little sleep. Plus when I come home from job number two, I am wired and I stay up late. I am productive but when the next day comes I am not so productive. I guess I just need to get into a routine of sorts. I could probably exercise at home but nature is so much more nurturing to my soul. And creativity, well other than the prep work for the invitations for others not much. There are several art shows I want to enter but time, not sooooo much of it lately oh and brain power. If I have time I usually try to concentrate on my food preparation so I don't make a poor food choice. And who else loves naps like I do, if I had to choose between almost anything to do and a nap I would so pick the NAP-kinda realllly like them alot.
I did purchase several Tupperware containers for vegetables! And I did get more hours at work! I did get some exercise cleaning a house! "OK, True story-no one was home while I was cleaning the house, soooooo I put in Paul McCartney ("The Cherries, Album) And was dancing like no one was watching, right because that's what the song says" I was grooving away and the OUCH!!!!! I totally pulled a hip muscle, so I am miss gimp along for the rest of the week -LOL LOL! yea I am a dork. Oh, Random thought, I love "so you think you can dance", does anyone else enjoy it like my family does?
I did buy some really huge recycled cloth bags for all my shopping. I think I will make a small one myself. Normally I would have made them all myself but they were like 85 cents each and like I said they are huge. Another effort to do something else to go green. My Goals for next week are: learn how to use my video camera, make a paper doll, enter a couple of art competitions and exercise as much as I can. Happy Week to everyone, make sure you love on your family a lot and pray then pray again, oh did I mention pray...Cheers!!! Brittany