Monday, May 04, 2009

Second Givaway!!!!

So here is my next giveaway and I am happy to do it. These were sculpted from polymer clay, then painted to reflect dia de los muertos!!! One of my favorite styles of folk art to make. And I would like to giveaway three of these to you. This will be up for two weeks and I will post another one again. These little skullies are either stick pins or magnets for your pc or whatever.
How to enter to win;
  1. Follow my blog, then make a comment telling me you are a follower now. = 1
  2. If you already follow me, coolio, comment on this post = 1
  3. Post this giveaway on your blog, then comment here letting me know you did so = 5
  4. Do an additional post to answer this question; = 2

Do you feel that global warming is a reality or do you feel that it is propaganda? (your answer will not affect your chances, so be honest please. I try to pick everyone at random so please done feel like I play favorites.. I appreciate you all and love connecting with everyone. Have a very creative week and show remember life is short, show people how much you love them!


Yay!!! I love you all and so very much appreciate all the comments but I really appreciate those of you who took the time to follow me, I like to repay the follow by following you too and if for some reason I dont yet follow you.. Let me know ASAP. So here are the winners of my first giveaway. I will be posting the next giveaway later today!!! your all so wonderful and creative I thank you for all the inspiration!!

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Ok, so I am still a bit computer challenged but here they are cut and paste I guess, check out these blogs. Cool thing is that everyone is a little different so we can get something from each one. Sending you some crafty love and remember to love on those around you.! Inform me if I did something wrong K.