Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day!

I hope all of you enjoyed your Mothers day weekend the way I did.
Friday at work a nice co worker made all of us gals individual candy gifts, that she made by hand with recycled toilet tissue rolls. Each one was decorated with different papers..
Then when I checked my mail after work, a really nice lady I met on Ning, who just so happens to live in my town had graciously had sent me a cool care package with doo dads that I can use in my art. !!!!!! go check out Marie's creations. She is so talented.... You will enjoy it.
Saturday evening I spent Hanging out with a friend I had not seen in over 25 years. The night consisted of going to one of my art shows at
Then we made it over to gallery where I was able to meet and chat with an amazing artist named Camille M. Boggs. She and her husband moved to Alabama after loosing everything to hurricane Katrina. She told me that after that experience is when she came into her own creating these extremely intricate paper cuttings of marionette figures with wings. I tried bringing up her web page but it would not load on my pc, I incourage you to find her on google!!
So after that my old friend and I went down the road a stretch to visit a friends reception at a new gallery I had not yet visited, I must admit I did have alterier motive.. But the walls were filled with Todd's art..
From there the friend and I headed to an eatery and talked for hours...
Sunday was a day of worship followed by a lovely date with my husband, sister and brother in law to a play of Arsenic and old Lace. I am really blessed, I wish you all blessings too!!
Be sure to post a comment and a follow to enter in the giveaway this is the last week. I will give away three pins.. Cheers to all and Creative love...