Sunday, November 15, 2009

Operator Error; self retardation disease

I cant believe how long its been since my last POST ! !
I dunno maybe it's the two part time jobs and the incessant-never-en
ding arm itching and night sweats that prevent me from sleeping at all anymore.
Or it could be that, on top of those things I am trying desperately to meet Art deadlines a
nd continue a spiritual relationship with God. Oh and dont forget keeping up with my
teenager and sparing a few fluttering moments with my husband...
For some reason I completely forgot how to blog, I forgot my
password and how to access it. I just totally forgot -brain
So for those of you who commented I am so sorry, thank you for your support and
please excuse my dorkness. Now I see the triggers and don't foresee it happening
again...I have felt so disconnected lately....
I am happy to report that I have been one of the Artist chosen to work w
ith the Autism Research Institute in San Diego to help communicate about the disease through local Art Functions and events. Currently on display, there are a few steampunk pieces left for sale @ the Edgeware Gallery. 4186 Adams Ave. San Diego CA, 92116

I will be displaying some cool Indy Christmas Ornementals for the Tree In NorthPark
San Diego @ The "Next Door Gallery"
2963 Beech Street
San Diego • 92102
(619) 233-6679
above photo only reflects one kind, I have a few more I am cooking up!!
For the first time I am participating in the second annual CRAFT RIOT.
I am totally Psyched for this one!!!
But I totally have A lot of work to do!!!!!