Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A somewhat wordless Wednesday

In an effort to post more I am taking on Wordless Wednesday as a Title.
I do occasionally take photographs. This was done with a long exposure at night and no flash on the beach, no photo shop here.

Balboa Park, San Diego -Dusk

Happy Accident (light photography)

Feeling really excited.

I got my Studio back!!! I finally finished re-organizing it and OMG I am so happy right now!! But I am doomed to give the dog a bath and a groom today so I wont be creating what I really want.
But I will make a list of things I want to do.
I should make something patriotic but I don't get too excited about red White and blue together for some reason. :-(

  • I have lost 13 pounds so far on WW-and I haven't really gone gang busters yet!
  • God blessed us in strange and amazing miraculous ways this month, we can actually pay our bills!
  • My husbands heart is soft and he is a love
  • My friend brought me back a 12" clay skeleton (Catarina) from Mexico when she went on her Cruz!!!
  • My Spirituality is growing
  • I feel blessed


stregata said...

Lovely photos!!!!

valentine said...

wow, those are such beautiful pictures!! this was a great WW!

Alicia said...

good for you! those pictures are awesome!!!

Lola D said...

Hello I just awarded you the NENO AWARD for wonderful blogs!
Love the beach picture!

whymsicalmusings said...

Such beautiful photos! And how wonderful to have such fabulous blessings this month. Often they come in small unexpected packages like you:)

Rebecca said...

Love, love, love the night photo at the beach!

To fix your signin issues, I would try editing your profile and profile photo. Just remove the photo and then put it on again. Also, change your profile info and then change it back. Computers are just dumb sometimes. When you posted on my blog, everything worked fine. (Great profile photo, BTW!) For some reason, it's not registering on all blogs. It's probably something really simple (it usually is), so reentering your info might solve your problem. Can't hurt!!! Let me know if it works!!!