Tuesday, July 21, 2009

North County Slugs

Ok so the thought of a reunion just makes me want to vomit. But when some people found me on facebook and had a local punk rock reunion for the town I went to high school in. I totally had to at least show up, RIGHT. So yea in the day I was a little on the punk-ee side. No I did not break the law or anything, although I am sure some of us did. Mostly the dudes. Most of us were from single parent family homes and graduated from the same continuation high school at some time or another. And we found each other. I was dating the pro-skateboarder for three years and we hung in the same crowd. After being picked on for most of my adolescents it seemed like a natural progression of sorts.


I look high and Kerrie is making a dork face!

So I headed to the park in the 90 degree heat with oh I don't know 80% humidity!!! Yuck it was gross. Try looking your best in that, Yeah right. Anyway there was a part of me that almost didn't want to go. I really had not seen anyone in like 20 some years.
I have put on some poundage and didn't really want anyone to say to themselves "oh my Gawd, she used to be so small what the heck happened"
Although I fancy myself more popular than what rings true, one still has an inner self doubt from time to time.
Needless to say I did not stay long, I think it was less than an hour. People from L.A. -Texas-Sacramento-Fresno-Oregon were there and I live there and stayed like 45 minutes. I was too hot, sorry ...


we all look so normal, so funny really


Eva who has not aged a day and yes she has two huge boys, freaking gorgeous woman inside and out.

Michell-Jay-Jim(brothers) Scott in the back-mike and his wife, who apparently remembers me and was in with out little group but I don't recall, feel sorta dorky for not remembering..
And just so you all know there were like 100 people there but we didn't really know any of them, they all came 4 years after us. strange right.
we used to call ourselves the North County Slugs. Everyone went out and got branded with a tat to prove it too!!! no not I.
It was short and sweet. I would have loved a more intimate setting with air conditioning..


Reviewer11 said...

Yikes, in a hot day, outdoors? You're right, it should have been indoors with the AC on and a cool glass of drink.

from SITS :D

JennyMac said...

Fun pics! And yes, AC is always a great party guest in the summer time.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a fun time! In the first picture, the girl in the background almost looks like a little angel/devil on your shoulder :) Too cute!

Cindy Shea-The Vintage Vignette said...

Papermoonies...this is the first time I am seeing an actual close up photo of you and gosh you are gorgeous! Who cares if you've put on poundage over the years. Just look at that pretty smile! Take it from a Sista who has seen her fair share of excess poundage over the years and enjoy yourself for the beautiful and creative spirit that makes you who you are. Anybody who tells you different can go kick rocks! :)

valentine said...

i am glad you had fun. i have zero intention of ever seeing anyone from high school. no thank you.

beedeebabee said...

Hi! Thanks for your visit and for your sweet compliments also...Love your blog, and your art!...your reunion looked like fun, but I know where you're coming from with the heat and humidity, YUCK! I organized my 20th, and last year was my 30th, and I wasn't interested at all!...Your hubby's note was really touching. What a sweetie!

... I'm very sorry about your friend.

Paulette :o)

Penelope said...

I like reunions...glad you didn't get the tattoo, lol! Great pics.

One Sassy Girl said...

I reunited with high school peeps this year, too (but in a bar!) and it was great to see how, really, no one changed. My FIRST boyfriend was there and, after ten years without any contact, nothing felt changed. Except that he has a baby now which rocked my foundation to say the least.
(love the dress, SITSta)

Brandie said...

Looks like fun! What a cute blog! i came to see you, please come see me:)! Have a great SITS day!

thatgirlblogs said...

I am loving your hair and outfit, you looked great! No reason to bolt outta there, for sure.

This from someone who refuses to go to any reunion of any kind.

Alicia said...

that's cool though! and you should have got the tat!! slugs!! i love it!

Jen said...

Hi, visiting from SITS. Fun blog and reunion.

Jen said...

Hi, visiting from SITS. Cute blog and fun reunion.

Bentley Boutique said...

Hi, I wanted to let my followers know that I have moved from bentleyboutique.blogspot.com to http://bentleyboutique.com/craftblog. I finally figured out how to get the google friend connect installed there, so please come by and re-follow me there. (Is that a word, re-follow??)

Thanks so much, Judi

Beth in NC said...

Ya, the slugs? Well, you guys look great for a bunch of punkees. So funny that nobody kept that look.

I'm with you, I like AC!!!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!


kecia said...

poundage or not, i look at you and see and very interesting and artful person. love the hair and having never met you, i'd rate you in "she looks like she's pretty cool". hope you enjoyed yourself besides the heat and reunion jitters! sometimes doing something we don't want to ends up being for the better!