Monday, July 27, 2009

The Beach Bomb

I have been meaning to get to this post for two weeks now. Huge Sandcastle sculpture competition! Seen on the news over the years, gawked at the website from time to time. I have been meaning to see this for 10 years now and this year I requested the day off and told my family, "after church were doin this, or else"! So the time comes and we take our map and head out. An hour later were near. The traffic begins! 20 minutes after that we are finally now headed towards the ocean. Cars cars and more cars. Every street is packed with cars for 3-5 miles in every direction. ! An hour later I am egsausted and we finally find a parking spot. At this point I am saying "well I guess this is one reason why I have never done this in the ten years of curiosity" Whew! Now I am finally excited and reach for the camera-BUT hubby left it on all night so my lithium battery is DEAD! crap, but not to worry, teenager brought her camera! Hubby and I get in some stupid argument about I don't even remember, but I was totally
PMS' ing
and had no tolerance so I was sharp at the tongue I am sure.

So then we start our 2.5 mile walk toward the water with all the other masses of onlookers
And don't even think of crossing the street, you can forget it. No one will let you across and there are cars cars cars! So 5 minutes into the walk and I totally have to pee. And not just a little but I kinda have to go Niagara! So I try not to say anything and with each step its like my insides are sloshing about and ready to just fall out. I have a little peanut bladder you see. When I finally say something my family is like "oh gosh, here we go again, you just went" So I am trying to not let it slither down my leg with each step. To make things worse I have to hold my pants up with one hand because the button flew off!! Oh and did I mention that it was 87 frigging degrees with 60% humidity. Gross Gross Gross!!! So that totally added to the grumpiness of us all!

So every time we walk by an alley, I wince and grimace with temptation. I would totally pop a squat without looking back, done it before in more obvious locations. When I GOTTA GO I GOTTA GO! But my husband complains and says to me as he points to the cop car with people in the back..
"ah yea sure and end up like that for indecent exposure- no thank you...."
"Gosh where is your sense of adventure and besides I am pretty sure they have more pressing things to do at an event like this than arrest some middle aged, chubby mom who cant hold her water for goodness sake."
At this point I am totally ready to sprint down the next alley alone and just LET R RIP! When suddenly this little church arrives before my eyes. Members are under EZ ups selling waters and requesting donations. I scurry up to the table and try not to make a fuss
"um, yea, high god bless and all that ah, can I use your latrine perhaps?" Thank the Lord-Can I get an AMEN!!! I was peeing for like an eternity I swear it..
so anyway -Onward ho we go! pushing through the bourgeoisie of sorts and finally make our way to the Sand with the Ocean in site. Now I guess I had high expectations because when I started viewing I was a little bummed out to be honest. The news and the web page make these things look amazing and while some were pretty good, I was just left feeling let down a little. So we make our way through the crowds trying not to loose each other in the process, snap a few shots. Get our feet wet and move on to the street area for vendors and food. My husband purchased the largest sausage I have ever seen and ate the whole thing. My daughter snapped random photo's at unsuspecting victims and I was just happy I didn't have to pee anymore!

The Fam...

Colors of California
Just a few random photo's shot by my 16 year old, she was not trying here at all and they turned out very interesting I thought.. These have'nt even been edited yet or anything. She is actually very good and seems to have a fantastic eye for photography.

All and All I wouldnt have changed the day for the world


icandy... said...

Great stuff!!! I think my favorite is the "foreclosed" castle! Hope all's well!!

Christina :)

SoozNooz said...

I loved your post - thanks so much for sharing. My goodness that was funny. I could see myself - we have peanut bladders in our family too. Hubby and I went to Paris last year and his first tourist stop was always a loo!
Have a great day x Suz

Alicia said...

oh my gosh! i love those pictures! all of them! your daughter does have a very natural eye!

Hanneke Nelson said...

I LOVE sandcastles! Thanks for stopping by earlier. The next CHA is in Anaheim, a little closer for you. After Sunday, when the retail show ends, I'll let you know how it was.

Lisa Anne said...

Wow the beach pictures were amazing. Where was that at?

Erin Bassett said...

We always mean to go see that sandcastle contest & never remember about it until it's over.

Great photos!!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Look at those! I wonder how long they took to create?

Marina said...

Wow....great pics...dottie sure has an eye !

Happy SITS Sharefest

P.S. The Back to School Carnival (40 days of reviews & GIVEAWAYS)has begun, bunny hop over to check it out -

Eileen said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have always wanted to go to this. Your post made me almost feel like I was there. Visiting from SITS!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I LOVE sandcastle competitions! The talent is unbelievable! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Those sandcastles are unbelievable!

Visiting from Sits! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fellow SITSA.

These pics are amazing!

So much talent in the world, yours included!

Come visit sometime -

Unstoppable Spirit said...

Amazing sandcastle creations! My favorite the family.