Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have been reading a lot lately about blogging,twitter,facebook,linkedin,ning,my web site , myspace and wow there is a world out there that I need to catch up to.
I recently opened an Etsy,ebay,paypal and , and there's more!! - so we shall see if anything brings in any sales to my art works.
Well, that's the plan anyway.
But the main reason for getting all fired up about all of these networks and what not is really due to one person; suzi blu - Why suzi, I dunno its weird how it all worked and well she's a little weird too, so I like it. She just inspired me to geturdun!!! So if you have a chance please check her out. She just recently moved to the San Diego area so I cant wait to meet her in person some day soon!!!!
So after I found suzi I was inspired to again be that creative soul that I was meant to be. I was feeling really dry and crusty, depressed and lonely.
So now I am geared up again to give it a go. To open all doors that lead forward and go yonder!!!
I must admit though there is a learning curve to all of this. It is slow moving but I do take notes often!!!
So on the list of inspiring females are also;
Just to name a couple, and "why" you ask, well how could you not! Just take a look for yourself and you will see why. In future blogs I will be discussing some burning questions as well as some of my techniques. I look forward to readers!!
Cheers and Happy Creating!


willowing said...

awesome! well done on your first blog b! :D and thanks for mentioning my website! wishing you lots of luck with all your art sales and work out there!

a little tip; your banner is a tad bit big (wonderful though but big) and distorts my page, i think other people might experience the same, make it roughly about 800pix in width and you should be fine!

xox tam

LadyK said...

Congrats on your new blog!

I think you will love it. I'm looking forward to visiting often. :)

suzi blu said...

<3 <3 <3

tehtyler said...


CreativeFlutter said...

Welcome to the blogging world!!! Jump on in the water is fine!!! I agree with Willowing the banner is a bit wide but still cool!

Blogging is addictive!!! Be careful! :)

Best of luck!


C.M.Echazarreti said...

cool! thanks for mentioning it on facebook. I would love to follow and see what creative fun you post!

oh PS, my blog is:

feel free to comment!

C.M.Echazarreti said...

cool! I would love to follow and see what creative fun you post..

my blog is:

Anonymous said...

Encouraged to see our branching out in so many directions. Stay focused on your work. You stuff is very interesting.

1000 Journals said...

Thanks for connecting, and congratulations to the new blog! I know you'll find it inspiring and loads of fun! Why don't you add the "followers" gadget so you can see your growing community? You get it via the "edit layout" page, the "add a gadget."

Artist Heart said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging and Etsy and...and... I have just started myself with Blogging and opening an Etsy Store. I recently made my first two sales on Etsy since opening the store in late January. Hallelujah!!! I know how time consuming it all is and overwhelming it can often feel. I am trying to enjoy it and incorporate it into my creative process. I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to visiting.


Papermoonies said...
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Craft Diva said...

great job on your new blog. you will have lots of fun with it.

come visit mine at:


Judith van Praag said...

Brittany, Good on ya! As my Aussie friend Paul "Walking Stick" Taylor would say.
Do check out how to make links without having to type out the whole URL. See the menu above the text window? There's a little chain link icon.

Highlight the word you want to make into a hypelink, next click on the chain link icon. A window appears in which you put the URL (web address). The Safari Browser lets you paste in a link you copied, for FireFox you have to type it in yourself (buggers).
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Like your blog! Good for you - Just Do It that's my motto for the year! You have encouraged me to do the same. My goal is to open a store at before the end of the year and a blog also!! ArtHouse is really a good creative outlet so glad to have met you there. So good luck and keep creating!! I will keep checking back with you. Also would love to hear how your paypal is working on the brittsart page.
Be creative!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

welcome to the world of blogging! so far so good!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hello! I was glad to see you at my blog! Could you tell me how you "follow" like you did? I put the box there but have no idea what to do next and some sweeties, you included, are now in it, which is awesome! Thanks!!! Great art! Blessings.

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

So glad you stopped by-thank you! I enjoyed reading your blog-great ideas by the way. I've got goodies tucked away too, but I'm using them which is good!
I adore Suzi Blu 2!